SACAGAWEA COMMUNICATIONS - Managed Print Services. Sacagawea was probably the very 1st outsourced business communicator! Her role and expertise in successfully communicating and guiding Lewis & Clark's Corp of Discovery through unknown territories and hostile environments is legendary. Just like her, in our day and age, we stand proud and promise to:

❋ Faithfully assist our clients in the management and purchase of print at the most affordable price available without sacrificing service or quality.
❋ Listen attentively and appropriately respond to the wants and needs of our clients in the development of graphic design and marketing strategies.
❋ Perform all services with integrity and dedication to achieving our clients’ goals, arriving at their desired destination on time, no matter how difficult the trail.
❋ Step lightly on our planet earth in our travels leaving the smallest of carbon footnotes in the selection of our materials and processes for the betterment of all.
❋ Sacagawea Communications, Inc. mission is: to offer print management, graphic design, and marketing services at an affordable budget with excellent print quality meeting the corporate branding requirements.

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